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    2880 X 2880 problem




      first this, english isn't my main language so you might read some weird sentences.


      i'm making a web site in flash and i want it to be 1000 px (width) and 6000 px (height).

      so when i want to adjust the document settings it give an error that the max size is 2880 x2880


      so i thought ima make my stage 1000 X 2000 or something

      and and my site itself (the image's or text of whatever the site can be) 1000 X 6000

      and put 2000 px on the stage and the other 4000 px of the site under the stage ( in the gray area)

      and if you look to the site in a browser you can just scroll the image's or whatever. but

      the stage iself stay on the same place


      so how can i make this "image's" scroll by using the browser scroll-bar ...???


      if you want to help me and dont understant me well just ask

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as I know you would have to place your content into a movieclip or some other vehicle that you could scroll, but you would have to use a scroller internal to the swf file, not the browsers scrollbar.


          I have never tried this, but you could if you're up to it.  Instead of making your fla file 1000x6000, make it 400x 2400 and then specify it it to be 1000x6000 in the html embedding code.  If you have raster graphics you might or might not have a problem, though you could set them to allow smoothing so that when reduced in size they adjust better to their environment.


          Unless someone that knows better than me steps in to squash this, it might be worth a quick try at least.

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            The max size of 2880 x 2880 is a restriction of the Flash player. Make sure you set your publish settings to Flash Player 10 and you should be OK with a 6000 pixel height.


            You can find the size limits at http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/496/cpsid_49662.html