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    What is Flash?

    Checker Tuttle Level 1

      Is Flash a part of Captivate or do I need it to be able to put interactive quizzes into a document.  It sort of sounds like Captivate 5.5 is all that I would need. My basic task is to take a PDF file and/or a MS word document and add interactive quiz questions to the document.  I don't even need to record them to a database.  I have been trying to learn what a bunch of these Adobe products are and what they do and don't do for over a week and finally I got some real help in this forum this morning.  I am really thankful for someone to that I can ask these questions.

      Thanks.  Checker Tuttle

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          McbainGames11 Level 2

          Adobe Flash Definition - www.adobe.com/FlashPro


          What exactly do you want to know about Adobe Flash?

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            Checker Tuttle Level 1

            Is Flash an integral part of Captivate? What functionality dose Flash do?  Is Flash something that I should need for an eLearning project?  My primary need is just to add interactive Quiz questions to a MS Word document or to a PDF document.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              flash, in the context of adobe property, is widely used to (confusingly) mean several different things including but not limited to,


              1.  the flash pro executable program that creates fla files and publishes (shockwave) swf files,

              2.  the flash player (ie, the shockwave or swf player) that displays/plays swf files in webpages or on operating systems,

              3.  a shockwave (swf) file and

              4.  the fla file published by the flash executable.


              there are other programs that can create shockwave (swf) files including captivate, flash builder, after effects and many other programs.  the swf file format is open.  anyone is allowed to create a program that generates swf files.  


              the flash pro executable is the most powerful program with the most flexibility (afaik) to create swf files.  other programs aim at particular user needs and dumb-down flash pro's capabilites in exchange for ease-of-use.

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                McbainGames11 Level 2

                If you want quizs and stuff flash can work if you can code AS3 or you can use PHP & JS