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    Video effects not working on nested sequences in Premiere Pro CS5


      Hi -

      I am having some trouble with Premiere ProCS5. I have a project with a few clips which I put together in one sequence. I put this sequence into another sequence. There I will add one or two tracks of additional images and apply color correction.


      The problem is: None of the video effects I drag onto the sequence (which now is a nested sequence) have any effect. Whatever I change in the effect controls will not sho up in the monitor. Audio effects do work, though. Furthermore, none of the tracks above the nested clip are displayed. To clarify: The nested track is on V1, another clip is on V2 and an image is on V3. Only V1 gets displayed.


      I know this is supposed to work and it actually does in another project created in the same version on the same machine with the same kind of material. But no matter how often I create a new project, applying video effects to a nested sequence just does not work.


      Even more strange is the fact that my applied effects DO show up in the "Export Settings" window. They DON'T, however, in the final rendered file. I would suggest this is a bug.


      What could be the reason for this behaviour?