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    Cannot install/uninstall/use flash

    Throatwobbler mangrove Level 1

      recently i uninstalled flash in order to install a new version,

      after this i discovered i could not install flash, and although

      flash had been removed some animations could play,

      furthermore the "about flash" or whatever ensured me that flash was still installed.


      i uninstalled it through the control panel, a fatal mistake.


      since then i have tried many times to use the flash uninstaller.

      i have tried downloading special system tools.

      i have searched and removed every folder and every registry entry

      named "flash", "macromedia", "adobe" etc.

      i have removed every visible trace of any adobe product just to be certain, with "Revo uninstaller".

      i have uninstalled/reinstalled opera.

      and i have then used a registry cleaner repeatedly.


      i have looked through countless discussions to get help.


      i cannot install any version of flash.


      the "about flash" page still tells me i have flash installed.


      is there anything more to do?

      the only thing i can think of is reinstalling windows,

      or buying a new computer.


      or if someone let me know the location of every file

      and registry entry associated with flash so i could remove them.