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    Audio got out of sync somehow...


      Hello everyone,


      I have been working on a piece of footage for a few hours now, editing a master clip down into around 20 sub clips, and everything was going fine up until a few minutes ago. The audio is completely out of sync and even out of order. It's not just a few seconds fast or slow; the audio is jumping around to completely different times in the master clip. I don't know why this happened, and I can't figure out a way around it.


      The master clip plays accurately outside of Premiere 5.5 in QuickTime, VLC and Windows Media Player. I have tried copying and renaming the master clip and the replacing the damaged file inside of premiere with the differently named file, but that doesn't do any good. I opened up an auto save file from way before this issue arose and that is also messed up. I've restarted Premiere and all that stuff... nothing helps. I've even rendered out a small clip to see if it renders okay, still messed up.


      This problem seems to only affect the sub clips from this particular master file, the other master files and their respective sub clips work just fine... And I can’t recall for sure what I was doing just before this happened. I think I was messing with the opacity of a sub clip or something… This happened once before on a real small project, but I’ve spent a lot of time on this one and I would hate to loose it all.


      Any ideas on what I can do to salvage the clips? If there is a way to export the sub clip info and put it inside a new project or something… I don’t know… This is about the 20th video I’ve edited on this hardware with only one occurrence of this nature happening before.


      Adobe Premiere 5.5

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      AMD Phenom XII X4 955 @ 3.20 GHz

      8 gb ram

      NVidia GeForce GTX 460

      Built in sound card

      Video/Audio comes from a Sony Bloggie Touch 4gb

      Video is 720p, mp4 format.

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          PatrickGrade Level 1

          So, I did some more messing around with stuff... Tried the messed up masterclip in a new project and the sound was still off. So, I used Adobe Media Encoder to dump out a new format and just the audio, and the resulting files from there also have jacked up audio, so I don't know what the heck happened.

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            Stephen_Spider Level 3

            Do you see any visible glitches? Any abnormal looking "pops" in the audio waveform?


            When you state master clips and sub-clips... are you trimming in the source monitor and dropping clips on the timeline?


            One method for replacing the original audio with a wave is with without recompressing the video is to put your whole source clip in a new sequence (sequence A) on the timeline and select it, then use the clip pulldown menu and choose audio> render and replace. After that start a new sequence(sequence B), drop the original sequence(sequence A) in the source monitor then trim clips to the timeline from there.


            Unfortunately it sounds like the clip's file structure is damaged somehow.


            good luck.

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              Stephen_Spider Level 3

              I've had a damaged cannon .mxf file before... audio going out of synch repeatedly. I found that there where quick (1-2 frames) glitches that served as cues to where the clip went out of synch. I was able to manually resynch the pieces on the timeline.


              The bad file turned out to be a symptom of a Crappy flash card.

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                PatrickGrade Level 1

                Acording to gspot, the audio codec is  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, and I don't see any odd pops or anything in the wavform, but some of the sub clips are missing the wavform all together when they should have something there...


                Yeah, I open the master clip in source monitor, mark in and out points within that and the right-click, make subclip.


                I tried the method that you stated with no success, the file seems to be damaged and I have no idea how it could have gotten that way. And of course, I failed to make a backup of the original...


                Thanks for your help! I guess I will have to reshoot and re-edit it all.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  What make/model camera are these clips from?

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                    PatrickGrade Level 1

                    Did I do something wrong?

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      Can you grab MediaInfo and analyze the broken file? If you use the Text view mode, you can copy and paste the result here.

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                        PatrickGrade Level 1

                        Of course...


                        Complete name                    : xxx\bad files\part  1.MP4

                        Format                           : MPEG-4

                        Format profile                   : Sony PSP

                        Codec ID                         : MSNV

                        File size                        : 774 MiB

                        Duration                         : 22mn 25s

                        Overall bit rate mode            : Variable

                        Overall bit rate                 : 4 824 Kbps

                        Encoded date                     : UTC 2011-11-06 00:15:24

                        Tagged date                      : UTC 2011-11-06 07:22:39




                        ID                               : 1

                        Format                           : AVC

                        Format/Info                      : Advanced Video Codec

                        Format profile                   : Main@L4.0

                        Format settings, CABAC           : Yes

                        Format settings, ReFrames        : 2 frames

                        Codec ID                         : avc1

                        Codec ID/Info                    : Advanced Video Coding

                        Duration                         : 22mn 25s

                        Bit rate mode                    : Variable

                        Bit rate                         : 4 691 Kbps

                        Maximum bit rate                 : 16.0 Mbps

                        Width                            : 1 280 pixels

                        Height                           : 720 pixels

                        Display aspect ratio             : 16:9

                        Frame rate mode                  : Constant

                        Frame rate                       : 29.970 fps

                        Color space                      : YUV

                        Chroma subsampling               : 4:2:0

                        Bit depth                        : 8 bits

                        Scan type                        : Progressive

                        Bits/(Pixel*Frame)               : 0.170

                        Stream size                      : 752 MiB (97%)

                        Encoded date                     : UTC 2011-11-06 00:15:24

                        Tagged date                      : UTC 2011-11-06 00:37:49




                        ID                               : 2

                        Format                           : AAC

                        Format/Info                      : Advanced Audio Codec

                        Format profile                   : LC

                        Codec ID                         : 40

                        Duration                         : 22mn 25s

                        Bit rate mode                    : Constant

                        Bit rate                         : 128 Kbps

                        Channel(s)                       : 2 channels

                        Channel positions                : Front: L R

                        Sampling rate                    : 48.0 KHz

                        Compression mode                 : Lossy

                        Stream size                      : 20.5 MiB (3%)

                        Encoded date                     : UTC 2011-11-06 00:15:24

                        Tagged date                      : UTC 2011-11-06 00:37:49

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                          Colin Brougham Level 6

                          Great, thanks. OK, let's try this:


                          1. Download MPEG StreamClip. The latest beta version is fine. This is a good tool to have in your arsenal, anyway. It's free and requires no installation.
                          2. Open up MPEG StreamClip, and go to Window > Preferences. Check "Fix streams with data breaks" and (though not entirely necessary for this particular fix) "Preserve GOPs at In/Out." Hit OK.
                          3. Load up the misbehaving MP4 into MPEG StreamClip (File > Open Files).
                          4. Go to Edit > Fix Timecode Breaks; I don't know that this is necessarily the problem (or the solution) but it doesn't hurt anything.
                          5. Go to File > Save As, and pick a name and destination for the file. Leave the type set to MP4, and hit Save. This will copy the data streams from the original file--no reencoding is happening--and package it into a new MP4 container.


                          At this point, import the new MP4 into your Premiere Pro project, and let me know if that worked. If it does, you can select the original master clip, right-click and select Replace Footage; pick the new file and your edits will be retained but the file will be replaced with the working file.

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                            PatrickGrade Level 1

                            Holy crap, it worked! Thanks so much!!!


                            Any idea what made that happen? Kind of frustrating not knowing what I did wrong, if anything...


                            But thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it!!!


                            And thanks to the other guys here were helping as well!

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                              Colin Brougham Level 6



                              The containers for files from cameras such as these can be a little loosey-goosey, as far as I can tell. Since they're typically just shoot-and-playback kinds of cameras, I think the manufacturers don't go through the extra trouble to make the way the files are written robust enough to deal with editing. While it's true that Pr is a non-destructive editor, the wheels can kind of come off that wagon when it starts injecting metadata into the file; a file can be working fine, but after a few metadata rewrites it turns to mush. I've seen this with a few other various formats, as well.


                              Anyway, as I'd mentioned before, the video and audio streams are typically fine in this case, but the container needs to be rewritten. Think of it as storing all your old junk from college in a cardboard box. You move it around from here to there, storing it the garage or basement, and eventually the box gets wet and deteriorates. All that stuff in the box is still as good as at was (well, you know what I mean), but you need a new box to hold it. That's essentially what we're doing here with MPEG StreamClip--just moving that stuff from the rotted-out box into a nice new one. That's why I suggested that this is a good tool to keep on hand when working with this type of footage.


                              Glad it worked, and you're back up to speed. Happy editing

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                                PatrickGrade Level 1

                                Good to know, and I'll keep MPEGstream around incase that happens again.

                                Thanks again!