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    RH8: Inserting a paragraph into a multi-level list

    rphox2003 Level 1

      I created a multi-level list for various levels of steps in a procedure (each step can have substeps, and substeps can have one more layer of substeps). Each step and substep must have a result, for which I've created a para style.

      For example:

      1.  Step to perform an action

           Result 1

      2.  Step to perform an action

           Result 2

      3.  Step to perform an action do the following:

           a. Do an action

               Result a

           b. Do an action

               Result b

      4. And so on...


      The problem is that after hitting ENTER after Substep a, Substep b automatically appears so I cannot add Result a.

      The only way I've found is to go to the HTML view and manually remove the rh_list_start and rh_list_end tags.


      Any suggestions?