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    Solution for AdvancedDatagrid scroll issue.

    Preethi Manjula Level 1

      I am using an AdvancedDatagrid which uses a Datagrid as its itemrenderer. The rowCount of the renderer Datagrid is assigned as dataProvider.length. On expanding a particular row, if the datagrid has more than 20 records, am not able to view all the records of the renderer datagrid. This occurs because the scroll takes me to the next row of the AdvancedDatagrid instead of showing the remaining records of the expanded Datagrid. Am able to see all the records if the datagrid rowCount is set as 10 or 15, but my requirement is such that only the AdvancedDatagrid can have a scrollBar. The renderers inside should not have scrollBars. Please provide me a solution to fix this issue.My screen looks like the below image. The renderer datagrid is shown in red. It has 50 records. But on scrolling am not able to see them, instead taken to the next row of AdvancedDatagrid.