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    How to render cids images

    plarts Level 1

      I have an email read with CFPOP, with 2 embeded images.

      I did a cfdump of the cids :

      I can see the 2 images names and cids,


      But is it possible to render at least one image in the webmail via the CFPOP ?

      Thanks for help.


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          plarts Level 1

          Here is part of the solution : Working when cids files are loaded.

          The image src is like : cid:image001.png@01CCA61F.1FB8E630


          <cfloop collection="#cids#" item="x">


                <cfset i=#findnocase("<",cids[x])#>

                <cfif i is not 0>
                 <cfset j = findnocase(">",cids[x],i)>
                 <cfif j is not 0>
                  <cfset cid1=removechars(cids[x],j,len(cids[x]))>
                  <cfset cid1=removechars(cid1,1,i)>
                  <cfset cid1="cid:" & cid1>


                  <cfset at_file=http_start & "/attach_Rec/" & x>     <!--- full path of the downloaded file --->
                  <cfset tbody=replacenocase(body,cid1,at_file)>


          There is may be an other solution in new tags or CF functions ?


          And when the CID file is not downloaded, this cannot not work.

          The CID code should correspond to an Internet adress (http://xxxxxxx) but I do not know how to understand this CID.

          The src image is like :