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    Text not highlighted while using Find option - AR 9 and 10


      In Adobe Reader 9 and 10, the Find option does not highlight all the instances of the search term. If you type the text you want to search in the Find text box and click the arrow next to the text box, only a few instances are highlighted. In some instances, the cursor is just placed beside the text in the pdf. Many occurrences of the text are not highlighted. Is there any workaround or any option to overcome this hurdle?

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          Try using opening the file within Internet Explorer and using the Adobe Reader plugin to view the file.

          Then use the Search function by selecting the binoculars symbol on the left panel.


          Each instance of the search term found is displayed as a clickable link that takes you to that part of the document.


          NB: these binoculars are only displayed if the file is opened from within a web browser, which is unfortunate, but a fact of life.

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            This sounds familiar!  This is because a likely cause is a problem I've posted in another thread:


            Adobe Reader randomly inserts spaces into some words behind the scenes even though the image of the page is unaffected, eg the word "test" sometimes stays as "test" and sometimes becomes "t e s t".  This would account for the results you are experiencing; the word "test" would look identical in each case on-screen, but only the first example would be highlighted using Find.


            I suspect this is widespread but not well-known since the partial results give the impression Find is working; a way to test your pdfs for this is to copy and paste the text into a text document to "expose" the spacing.


            Has anyone else picked up on this?  Any further comments/suggestions much appreciated.