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    Dynamic Text not updating

    Neat Gadget Level 1
      This seems the most basic of basic questions, but I am having trouble with dynamic text not updating. I have the application status shown in dynamic text.

      I have a function that when fed a status message and a boolean value, should update a status display with the message and lock all buttons from being able to be clicked.

      Any function I call will first, in turn, call this status function to update the status and lock all buttons. When the function is complete, a second call to the status function is made to change the message back to READY and release the buttons. The problem is that the status message is not being updated. If I put a prompt in the status function, just after the dynamic text is set, then it updates. So it seems that the dynamic text is not getting enough time to update. Is there something I can do to fix this? I know in other languages when this is an issue there is a simple pause function or similar that can be used.