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    Sound Codec: NELLYMOSER doesn't work on AIR3 SDK

    alex klain Level 1

      Hi guys!


      I am using cirrus on an ios.

      I have developed an application before with an:

      - Flex SDK

      - AIR 2.7.1 SDK


      and on the compiler I had add: -swf-version=12

      I used:


      mic.codec = SoundCodec.NELLYMOSER;

      mic.framesPerPacket = 1;



      and it worked FINE........The problem is when I have upgreded the Flex SDK with AIR3 SDK for swiching between the internal and external Speaker of the phone, the application dosen't "play" the incoming steam (I dont hear a thing).


      I hear when i am getting a strem of Sound Codec:SPEEX.......But i prefer the NELLYMOSER because you hear more smoother.



      please help!!