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    docRef.activeLayer quirk? (CS4)

    jugenjury Level 2

      It took me awhile to figure out what was happening, but now I understand it. When running a script that selects a layer to be the active layer, it will turn visibility on for that layer if it is off. Example:


      I have a layer stack as follows:







      Layer1 is invisible. The Background layer is currently active. If I run a script that selects Layer1 using "docRef.activeLayer=Layer1Ref" it will select Layer1 and turn visibility on.


      My solution is to create a new function to select an active layer


      function LSelect(Lyr) {




          return Lyr;


      Usage: newActiveLayerRef=LSelect(Layer1Ref);


      You don't have to set a new variable to the Layer Reference for this. You can continue using the reference you sent to the function. I included that in case it isn't known which layer the script is to select as the active layer until processing conditionals.