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    Color Correction Screens

    ExactImage Level 3

      OK Gurus, please help me out here because I've spent too much time fiddling trying to get what I want .......


      Is there any way to have the previous shot, the current show and the next shot visible at the same time AND have the scopes up as well?



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          you mean at a DIT station... like, have "current show" ( live ) and also have "previous shot " ( playback ) and also scopes ... ??

          Usually ( if I understand your question, you have to switch from live to playback to show previous shots ).. then go back to live.. which is also your " next shot "...( what you record from live )




          at any rate, your scopes should then reflect whats either on playback or live ( or being recorded ).


          note: on some shows there is a video playback station separate from the DIT station... so that you can ask the playback to be done from the video playback station and DIT stuff stays the way it is set up... live ... ( if you view it at the video playback station ).

          If you wanna see it at DIT then one of those monitors has to be swiched over to playback from the video station... so it amounts to the same thing basically..but at least recording and playback are separate in the sense of being different 'stations'...

          This is usually a situation where you need to match stuff shot in the past with 2nd unit or something..and need the video playback to see past shots separate from what is now being shot ( insert shots, coverage, etc ).

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            ExactImage Level 3

            No, nothing here is live.  This is merely for color correction on sequences shot with different cameras with different white balance setting etc.  I'm currently having to cursor back and forth between all the clips trying to get them to match.   Some times I'm doing screen grabs so I can have them side by side, but it would be really helpful if there was a way to have PP display last shot, current shot, next shot at the same time .....

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              naaa... if I understand you , you basically wanna maybe have a server and different work stations near each other that you can display your various source stuff and correct by eyeball basically ( and rec 709, or whatever basic space you want )..

              I feel your pain...hehe... but how can a program or hardware show you 3 different things at the same time in different color spaces or diff sources ( wht bal ).. ???


              good luck..

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                rejdmast1 Level 2

                My old smoke system could do exactly what you want.

                Let's face it, PP tools for CC, FX, Masking, etc. are severely lacking.

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                  could you put up link or something to the old smoke system so poster can see how it can be done ?? would help maybe to see how some other program handled it , etc... give him some options maybe...



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                    able123....errr...... I don't want anything to show me multiple screens in different color spaces.....


                    Maybe I'm not communicating things well, or you are miss understanding what I am after......?


                    I have a sequence in Premiere Pro.  I merely want to see the previous clip (with color corrections applied) the current clip I'm working on (as I've applied effects) and the next clip (with any effects applied) in the sequence.  Three windows, three clips, nothing fancy.


                    I'd also want the scopes window open and the effects panel for the current clip.


                    I'd like it all on the same monitor (or across my dual monitors) in the same color space etc.  I'm merely trying to see how they are going to match as I apply the effects changes without having to skip back and forth on the sequence timeline.


                    I'm sure we did somethig similar to this in FCP a while back....

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                      I realised my original post my have put people off track when I said current 'show' instead of current 'clip' or 'shot'.

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                        hehe.. nothing new for me... I almost always misunderstand whats being posted. sounds like " smoke" system is your answer or maybe someone knows what that is and how to make it work.. dont mind me.. I dont contribute to forums and often misdirect people when I do.



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                          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4
                          Well, actually you have Source Monitor, Program Monitor and Reference Monitor at your disposal...

                          (It is not prohibited to drop a sequence onto Source Monitor...)

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                            ExactImage Level 3

                            Thanks fuzzy - that get's me at least half way    I must admit I'd missed that option all along !   Now, how all I need is another monitor and I'll be good to go

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                              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                              PrPro. Several Monitors.jpg

                              Just drop a sequence onto Source Monitor, undock Effect Control panel, open up Reference Monitor - and Bob's your uncle...

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                                ExactImage Level 3

                                Thanks - but I'm using the reference monitor for the scopes

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                                  Im lost... if your source is before timeline, and your program is timeline, and your reference is sorta " slaved" to changes on timeline.. how does that actually get you to 3 different clips with different white balance to cc them in "comparison" to each other ?

                                  source would be just that... program would be timeline ( more or less "current condition" ) and reference would be the same as program but delayed ??  how does this boil down to 3 different clips with cc for all at the same time on multiple monitors ?  baffled...

                                  cool shots of diving by the way.

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                                    ExactImage Level 3

                                    I don't want 3 shots with different white balance.    The clips were shot on 3 different cameras, all with different (or perhaps the same but wrong) white balance.  I'm trying to make them match when used side by side on the same sequence, so having them all available to view at the same time as I make adjustments make it easier to see the changes needed.


                                    Yes, I can work on the color without this feature, but it's handy to have the shot before (which could be from camera 1) and the shot after (which could be from camera 3) while I'm adjusting the middle of the 3 shots (e.g. camera 2).


                                    I'd also like to see the scopes for the one I'm adjusting....


                                    Let's not try to make things any more complicated than that

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                                      Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                      Well, if you use Reference Monitor for current clip, you may try the following:

                                      - use Program Monitor for the scopes and Multi-Camera Monitor for Composite video;

                                      - use Source Monitor and Reference Monitor for viewing previous and next clips...

                                      PrPro. Several Monitors 02.jpg

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                                        Powered by Design Level 4

                                        If you dont need them full size you can reduce the size by 50% and have four clips all playing on the screen at the same time and do your color there and just move them back into the correct spots after you do your CC work.


                                        This is just a work around but might work.