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    Final Output size




      I'm trying to get educated regarding output size and edit a little smarter.  I'm working on an old project which was shot a year ago on a Sony HDR-CX550V with AVCHD 1080i(60fps).  I realize that's actually not frames but field per sec.  I've always envisioned this product going straight to DVD for distribution but with interest several would like to see it shown in festivals and as it's faith based, some may want to view in large church settings. 


      We didn't have a great production budget - not many fancy jibs, etc.  Many of the scenes were shot from multiple angles and this camera does have great low light capability so with a few plugins in AE, a lot of jump cuts make the scenes flow pretty good. 


      Here's the issue.  I am editing in 1080i and I've felt since it's going straight to DVD, why not edit in an NTSC frame size and explore making a lot of moves (pan simulations, not dolly) with the footage, then since there may be a few festivals, instead I might export the final in 720p.  Does this seem reasonable?


      Also, can I setup my sequence settings and interpret footage preferences to allow me to use the clips in their nativeframe size for this kind of editing.  When I change my sequence settings to 720 instead of 1080, the footage changes to fit the new settings though in the preferences setup I've disabled the 'Default to frame' box.  The footage always appear to fill the program monitor's display box  the same no matter what size I view it at.


      Sorry if this is not clear.  Also, I use an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti graphics card, 64bit Vista home premium, CS5.5


      Thoughts?  Thanks,