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    Missing template (How to fix)


      i'm using Adobe After Effect CS5.5 and i have some Template to make an introduce: liongate, dreamwork, WB...etc. But there was some problem when i try to import those template. They said: this project must be converted from verion 8 or version 10 or something like that, then they said: you're missing 2 part of this project. So i didn't know what to do to fix problem. Can somebody help me, i really need ur help. Btw, i dont have time.Thanks you


      Untitled 2.jpgi'

      Untitled 3.jpg

      Untitled 4.jpg

      I'm gonna give you some present: liongate template, 20th century fox template or disney template if you can help me

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          The first message isn't a problem at all. It's just telling you that the preject file was created with an old version, and it will be converted to a project compatible with the version of After Effects that you have.


          The second message is more of a problem, but it's very simple: After Effects doesn't know where some of the footage files associated with your project are. If you have those files, then just double-click on the placeholder footage item for it in the Project panel and navigate/browse to the location of the file to tell After Effects where the file is.


          If you don't have the footage files, then talk with whoever provided you with the project.


          Since you're new to After Effects, I very strongly recommend that you work your way through the basic learning materials first, before you work on a project. Doing so will prevent a lot of frustration. Start here to learn After Effects.