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    Cirrus - what IS commercial use?


      So, we all undersrtand that Cirrus is (at present) available for non-commercial use only. But...what exactly constitutes "non-comercial" use?


      I would love to make a videogame that uses Cirrus's p2p technology. Obviously, I would not be allowed to charge for the game's sale, but would I be allowed to:


      1.) make the game publically accessbile through a website


      2.) assuming "1", place advertisements on the website


      3.) gernate indirect revenue through the game (via in-game transactions), as long as they are in no way intricated with the game's Cirrus p2p aspects


      4.) distribute the game FOR FREE through an app market (like the Apple store, Android Market, or Google Chrome Store)


      I've spent a fair amount of time searching for answers to these questions on the Cirrus Forums, but came up with only obscure answers. It would be fantastic if someone (possibly an Adobe rep) could could help shine a light on this topic.