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    Strange initialization issue. May be normal but how to handle?


      I have a tabNavigator with three tabs, on each tab I have 1 datagrid that is populated via a php service to mysql.  what is strange is that on tab2 I have a button that calls and mx.controls.Alert that displays the dataprovider.length for the DG on tab3.  but the button does not display anything until I click over to tab3 then back to tab2.  It seems as though maybe the DG on tab3 is not initialized until I click on tab3.


      I am placing a link here that will let you access the app on my dev box.  To recreate the issue go to the device tab and there is a button on the left, under the DG.  The first click will do nothing, now click on the issue tab and then back to device and try again.  It will show you the Alert.



      Is there a way to force all items to be initialized?  I have attempted to set the selected index for each datagrid to the first item.  The reason I thought that would help is that when you select an item in the Customer datagrid, it in turn populates the Device datagrid, and then selecting an item in devices populates Issue's datagrid.



      I know that this is long winded and full of extra detail but I am lost.



      ON another note NOT FLEX:

      The reason I need to know the length of the issueDatagrid is for an if() statement.


      I have enabled view source so you can see a little better what I have implemented.



      ^^^^^^^^that is my dev box, on a 20 meg link, it wont be the fastest.