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    1 or 2 40" TVs For Editing/Monitoring

    Pyramid Pyro Level 1

      I'm considering getting a 40" TV or 2 for PPro CS5.  It will run off a GTX470.


      Option 1:  40" TV for monitoring.  This will be a dedicated monitor using PPro's second monitor out for monitoring footage.  No other windows or programs needed.  If I'm not mistaken this WILL work with MPE so long as I don't expect any other windows or features sent to the monitor.  I think a user here posted a pic of it working in this fashion.  Am I missing anything?


      Option 2:  40" TV for monitoring and 40" TV for programs/editing interface.  I've seen a few folks using TVs as monitors for programs and was considering giving it a go myself.  Any pros/cons using a TV for editing in PPro?


      Or am I way off on what the card can do with these monitoring configs?


      Thought I would consult with the greats on this board before dropping any cash on this.  Thanks for your time and consideration.