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    Speed changes not working as they did in CS5

    Pål Gustav

      Last year I edited a snowboard movie using Premiere CS5.


      The footage was shot on a sanyo hd2000 @ 60 fps, and edited in 29,97 fps. When I slowed down clips using the speed function, or even time-remapping, CS5 utilized the surplus frames from the footage (as long as I only sped down to exactly 50%) and returned beautiful, smooth slow motion. I was even bragging about this excellent feature to mye fcp-using buddies.


      Now I try the same trick with CS5.5, and all I get i duplicate or interpolated inbetweens, horrible-looking stuff. What happened? Please tell me theres something I forgot to turn on (or off)!


      Best but anxious regards from Norway.


      Specs; (the hardware of the system has not been changed since cs5)

      Sequence: AVCHD 1080 30fps

      Footage: mp4 H264 1080p @ 60fps

      Premiere CS5.5 - win 7 64bit.

      Latest drivers and service packs.

      8 gig ram

      Core2 q9300.