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    opening another Window in Flex for commenting on data entered in TextArea components


      I have a TitleWindow which has some TextArea components where end users(using the application) will enter data to answer some questions. A reviewer needs to comment on the entered answers. The reviewer comments would be stored in a MySQL database using ColdFusion as the middle tier. Later, the end users would make changes to their answers based on reviewer comments.


      I was thinking of doing it as MS-Word does it for reviewing by having a Add/View button next to each TextArea. On clicking the button, a window would open where the reviewer could enter his comments for the TextArea. But, the issue is when the new window is opened, the answer in TextArea component will not be seen. In MS-Word, a reviewer can view/highlight the data that he wants to comment on, then enter his comments on the comment box.


      1. How can I implement this so that reviewing answers/data is as intuitive/easy as in a MS-Word document for the reviewer and end-users when they need to make changes based on review comments?


      2. I am thinking of adding a Add/View comment button next to each TextArea. On clicking it, I open a new window, create a panel with two textareas where first textarea has user's original answer(which would be readonly for the reviewer) copied from the parentWindow's TextArea, second textarea would have reviewer comments(which would be readonly for end user of the application). The reviewer would make comments in second textarea based on the answer(in first textarea) and click a button to save his comments(which would be stored in a MySQL database). The end user would click the Add/View comment button, revise his answer(in first textarea) based on reviewer comments(inn second textarea), click a button which would then update his original answer in the parentWindow with the revised answer.


      3. If approach described in 2 is advisable, should I open a new Window using PopupManager or is there some other option(like the one at Multiple Windows in Adobe AIR) which might be more suited?


      I am using compiler Flex 4.5 with Flex 3 compatibility mode.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.