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    Sony ereader is not recognised by digital editions


      We have just obtained a nes sony ereader and obtained our first ebook. I can connect to the ebook OK but when I connect to the ebook and then start digital editions it does not recognise the ebook and offer to authorise the ebook. Any ideas on how I can get this operating. I am using windows 7 operating system.

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          I am in Canada and also bought a Sony PRS-T1 which is supported by ADE in their list. As BobMcw, my device is not recognised either by the program.

          The ADE account has been used also to active Sony store as well. When the device is plugged in the USB port, it appears as 2 drives Settings and Reader. However ADE does not see the device at all and it does not appear the Library section. This is a major snag as no documents can be transfered to the Sony. The PRS-T1 is extremely popular and I can`t imagine that it is not supported by ADE.


          Any idea what`s going on ?




          Windows 7 64 Bits Ultimate french edition

          Sony PRS-T1



          UPDATE :

          I called Sony and they told me to forget about ADE for now until they update their software (Strange because it is a supported device) They suggest to use their software. I uninstalled ADE and install their software which seems to works ok and pick up any files borrow or bought from stores/librairies. However I found that it is not as versatile as ADE and I had problem returning temporary rented books.


          Anyway seems that ADE needs to get their act quickly as Sony is selling tons of those PRS.


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