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    Sony ereader is not recognised by digital editions


      We have just obtained a nes sony ereader and obtained our first ebook. I can connect to the ebook OK but when I connect to the ebook and then start digital editions it does not recognise the ebook and offer to authorise the ebook. Any ideas on how I can get this operating. I am using windows 7 operating system.

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          Hi Bob!


          Let me start with a comment.  There's not much detail in your post, and in

          this Forum, detail makes all the difference in being able to help you.

          You've only described your SONY ereader as "nes sony ereader", which

          doesn't describe what model SONY it is.  Certain models are supported by

          Digital Editions (ADE) and some are not.  Click

          HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> for

          a list of those devices that are supported.  It's also available via the

          HELP (F1) function in ADE.


          Next, you go on to tell us what you've tried, but your description is a bit

          vague.  The nominal procedure for getting things to talk to each other

          relates to the devices - the ebook is merely the material that gets

          transferred.  So, I have to 'assume' that, when you say 'connect the

          ebook', you're talking about your SONY ereader.


          I'm going to make another assumption - you've downloaded an ebook into

          ADE.  I'm going to assume also that the SONY ereader you have is

          supported.  If it's not, then you can drop back to Plan B.  First, Plan A:


          Generically, the process to get started starts with registering the ereader

          with the manufacturer's website.  During that process, you will be asked

          for a User ID and password.  Use the same User ID that you did when you

          register(ed) with Adobe to download Digital Editions.  Then, upgrade the

          software on the ereader with the latest version if there is one.


          Next step - since your ereader is attached to your computer (wired) or

          logged onto the manufacturer's site (via wireless), log off the

          manufacturer's site.  If the ereader was wireless, you need to plug it into

          your computer.  Win 7 will recognize it as a USB drive, and will tell you

          when it's ready for use.  If you're already plugged in and the device is

          recognized, you need do nothing else.


          Now, bring up ADE.  It should find your ereader and display it as a line

          item in the Bookshelf section of the Library view (left hand panel).  ADE

          may ask you to authorize the ereader as it comes up - and the instructions

          are easy to follow.  IF ADE doesn't do this, or if the ereader is not

          displayed in the Bookshelf section, you can use an override to try to get

          it to appear - check the FAQ section of HELP for details on what keys to

          use and in what order.  If that doesn't work - Plan B:


          ADE is not updated with new ereaders anywhere as rapidly as they appear on

          the market.  They're everywhere, from phones to tablets and to new

          dedicated devices.  There is other software available that will work with

          some of the devices, and the most used are Bluefire and Overdrive.  They

          might be better for you - at least until ADE catches up.


          BE AWARE ALSO that there are some security settings in Win 7 that can

          disrupt the process of downloading ebooks.  They're covered in other posts

          to the forum.


          Hope this helps!


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            And the security isses with win7 are where? A link would be nice, as long as we are doing education on using a fourm.

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              I'd like to give you that linkage, but the information was posted in

              several different messages here.  I wish there were a better way to search

              the forum so that you could pull that information together.


              Here's what I remember: security settings in Win 7 appeared to let DE

              function, but if you looked behind them, they were still blocking DE.  I

              deal with XP, so the exact settings for Win 7 and how you look at those

              settings are beyond me.


              Hopefully, that will let you get started on digging in.....



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                I am in Canada and also bought a Sony PRS-T1 which is supported by ADE in their list. As BobMcw, my device is not recognised either by the program.

                The ADE account has been used also to active Sony store as well. When the device is plugged in the USB port, it appears as 2 drives Settings and Reader. However ADE does not see the device at all and it does not appear the Library section. This is a major snag as no documents can be transfered to the Sony. The PRS-T1 is extremely popular and I can`t imagine that it is not supported by ADE.


                Any idea what`s going on ?




                Windows 7 64 Bits Ultimate french edition

                Sony PRS-T1



                UPDATE :

                I called Sony and they told me to forget about ADE for now until they update their software (Strange because it is a supported device) They suggest to use their software. I uninstalled ADE and install their software which seems to works ok and pick up any files borrow or bought from stores/librairies. However I found that it is not as versatile as ADE and I had problem returning temporary rented books.


                Anyway seems that ADE needs to get their act quickly as Sony is selling tons of those PRS.


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                  You've answered part of your own question - the device is not supported.

                  The other part of your question - the 'why not' - is pretty simple too.

                  The introduction of devices moves at a very fast pace - a new cell phone

                  every two or three months, for example.  Software like ADE, which is

                  intended to support a lot of these devices, takes more time to update.  And

                  Adobe can't start to do that until they have a look at the device you buy,

                  not some prototype.  So, it takes a while.  Don't expect it instantly.



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                    Thanks for the quick reply. I understand the difficulty in keeping up with new devices but please Adobe, don`t add the device in your officially supported list if it is not.

                    Save a lot of headaches. The Sony PRS-T1 is clearly in this list but does not work ...I guess, yet !