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    Examples of Output Files in Adobe CS5.5 - Todd Kopriva Disk Optimization Question


      Hello Todd Kopriva
      Your video on Disk Drive Optimization is excellent. I went out to purchase (2) Raid-5 (8 TB) units. I had a question regarding Read Files going to one Disk and Output Files going to another. Can you give some examples of what type of Output Files you are talking about. Iam fairly new to Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium. I am presently usiung Premiere and Encore as well as After Effects. I just want to make sure as to what files will be going tomy Output Raid Drive.  I am thinking that one of them may the file created when you export out of Premiere wo Media Encoder.

      Thanks for the help and keep up the Tutorials. 


      PS: I missed your Free FAQ Video and cannot seem to find it.  If you or anyone knows, please let me know where I can view it etc.