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    duplication of movieclip will affect performance?

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      i have doubt on duplicating movieclip.


      i have a movieclip, it has a huge codes inside in it. when i duplicate this movieclip into 5 means, all the duplicated movieclip will work based on its repective code inside. this will affect the performance or not.  



      any suggestion pls.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In terms of filesize it should not affect performance.  In terms of processing, anytime you increase the amount of simultaneous processing that is occuring you can affect performance.  It probably wouldn't matter too much if you had your code once in the main timeline for all five or each has its own set of code. If the amount of processing is the same, the performance should be the same.  You should try it with different numbers of them and see if performance is grossly affected.

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