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    Premiere cutting off last few seconds of audio from P2 AVC-intra 50 clips

    Run & Gunner

      Just installed Premiere 5.5 (for mac) and updated to 5.5.2


      First time user after switching from FCP...


      Trying to import P2 footage and am finding that Premiere is cutting off the last few seconds of audio from each clip.


      This happens when previewing as well as after importing.


      The files are straight copies of the P2 cards. I've tried importing both from the browser and also via import command.


      I know the audio is there because I can preview them in FCP and also in P2 viewer. It's ONLY Premiere that is doing this.


      Some clips just have 2 seconds missing while some have 6 seconds missing. The problem is consistent as other projects shot at different dates have this problem too!


      Any takers?