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    Right click and flash player - no way to get this to work?


      Hi there,


      we've been trying to have one interaction as a right click. This used to work for me using Captivate 5, but now a colleague uses 5.5, and we hit problems. First I thought, this was caused by the 5/ 5.5 version differences, but no I ran some tests and it doesn't affect the outcome at all:



      1) We have: right click clickbox; accessability disabled; exe and flash publications from both Captivate 5 and 5.5

      2) No matter which publication we're using, the right click gives us the flash player settings menu


      Ideas & Questions:

      1) Captivate itself doesn't cause the trouble, but the flashplayer does?! We're running flash player

      2) Did anybody else get this behaviours?

      3) Is there anything we can do about this? Using a different flash player version is NOT an option, because it needs to work in the customer's environment over which we have no influence.


      We checked all available documentation in the Captivate Help files and didn't find anything...


      Thanks in advance for any help!

      Julia & Cordula

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          RodWard Mythic

          You cannot use right-click in EXE output. It's only possible in HTM/SWF output due to a clever JavaScript hack that Adobe has implemented in the HTM file.  This extra JS code only gets added in if you have at least one clickbox in the project file that is set to right-click.


          If you have take the steps that you claim (disabled accessibility, right-click box included, etc), then the most likely reason that this is not working for you is that you are publishing your HTM/SWF output to a folder on your hard drive that has not been set up as a trusted location in your Flash Global Security settings.


          Try uploading your HTM/SWF/JS output to a web server and access the content via a HTTP web URL.  Then the Flash Global Security should not be an issue.  But if you want to test this type of functionality on your hard drive, it's essential to set up Flash Global Security for the publish folder location.  I have my entire D: drive set up as a trusted location, because I have lots of projects on the go there and I don't want to have to do this more than once.

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            OTJulia Newcomer

            My whole D: drive is trusted, still doesn't work. The behaviour we get (no matter wehere we set it up) is: on the right click, the "settings" menu of the adobe flash player shows up. I.e. the file plays, without trouble, to the point where you need to right-click, and then you're stuck, because you can't right-click. :-(

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              RodWard Mythic

              OK.  Here's a little test example I knocked up for you.  Are you able to get right click to work with this online example? Yes or No.


              If Yes, then the issue is not Captivate's fault.  It must be something wrong with your settings.  This example works for me on my hard drive as well.


              If you want to check how this example was done in Captivate, download the CPTX file here.

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                zreichenbachcarr Newcomer

                enable accessibility - must be unchecked for this to work


                Rod, I am not really sure what this check box allows/unnallows with the pubished course, but it seems as if it needs to be unchecked for the right click to work.


                Do you know what if anything unchecking this can cause. I read on the Captivate site that best practice is to leave it checked.





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                  RodWard Mythic

                  Actually I've never been able to find out why it's essential to have Enable Accessibility unchecked.  I have no idea what right click and accessibility have to do with each other.


                  But I suspect that by doing so you're going to find that any module you have that uses right-click functionality will as a result NOT have any chance of being 508 compliant, which is going to be a real bummer for some people.

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                    TheFlasher_net Newcomer

                    I had a similar problem in the past and I disabled "Enable Accessibility" to make the right click work. However, the text input boxes that I had in the rest of the project stopped working - it was impossible to type in them. Before unchecking that option make sure you don't have other inputs that might be disabled due to that choice.

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                      Hi Rod.


                      I'm new to Captivate (but have 20 years using a whole heap of stuff and I script in HTML and programme in VBA) and have just come across this right-click bug for the first time. From reading, I am amazed that this silly problem has existed for at least a couple of years without remedy.


                      I say without remedy because I should not have come across such a bug and yes, it is a bug. If Adobe allow us to select right-click, then AT THAT POINT anything stopping you from getting an output that includes a right click should be disabled or greyed out (such as the Enable Accessibility toggle that I have switched off and any Save As option not suitable to right-clicking). And it should actually work as stated, which it does not.


                      You infer, however that it is an environmental issue but I developed the Captivate document (and the subsequent .swf, html and.js files) on a university network (I'm an IT contractor whjose machine and environment is protected from the unwashed masses). When it didn't open the way I expected, I sent it to my home laptop via email and it opened quick and clean on my system but the right-click problem was still there.


                      I've just spent nine hours producing a swf only to find I have this issue that I now need to resolve, and it needs resolving because the application I am using Captivate on has major functionality via right-clicking (thin client usage).


                      I tried your 'test' buttons and my system works fine so I cannot work out or see where the problem is.


                      There needs to be further considerion of this problem to get a resolution because we need the right-click urgently.


                      Any further assistance would be appreciated.




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                        RodWard Mythic

                        Bruce, I cannot pretend to be an expert on why Adobe and Flash decided to restrict right click functionality as they have done.  I appreciate it's a bugbear and I'd love to see it go away as well.


                        Other than what I've said above, I have no other solutions, and as far as I'm aware, neither does anyone else.  There have been some very high level Flash and HTML gurus that have attempted to fix this issue.  The closest they've got is the JavaScript hack that Adobe has chosen to offer with current Captivate HTM templates.


                        I suspect it's just something we're going to have to live with for the moment until one day Adobe changes the entire way Flash SWF works with right click so that you have the option of programmatically over-riding the current right-click context menu using AS3.

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                          Unchecking the Enable Accessibility box in Preferences/Project/Publish Settings does work on most instances. However, it will not work all of the time. For some reason every once in a while even this fails. Also proofing your file with a browser F12 rather than F4 or F10 will expose these failures. It is the Flash player that seems to be the issue. ADOBE!