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    URLRequest and untrusted certificates

      I'm developing an Air + Ajax application in which its essential that some data is posted from my app to a Secure HTTP website. The Secure website is purely internal for my company's back-office administration and since it doesn't matter either way, all our https systems are self-signed, and are therefore not trusted.

      It seems that using URLRequest only works immediately when the https certificate is trusted. If it isn't - like in my case - it shows me the "do you wish to allow this certificate" message, but then doesn't do anything when i click 'Yes'.

      Have I missed a trick? Am i meant to be listening for that certificate warning and doing something with it? What are my options? Getting an absolutely never-external system signed with a trusted certificate is patently pointless. Is it possible to include the certificate with my air installer package so that it gets trusted?

      Many thanks in advance.