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    Importing a large amount of text into InDesign (Newbie question!)


      Hello all,


      I am new to InDesign and would really appreciate some tips/advice on how best to transfer a large amount of text from Microsoft Word into an InDesign document. I have been tasked with creating a very simple pocket sized book, the content of which will be a series of business Acronyms (700+) and their defintions (just imagine a very simple dictionary). As you can imagine there is a lot of text in the Microsoft Word document so any advice on how to transfer it all as quickly as possible would be really helpful. Or, as the case may be, would it be simpler to just use another programme?


      Can you paste/import all - or large chunks of - a word document in one go? If I format a master page will Adobe InDesign automatically paste the text into the required number of pages? Or do i have to do it page by page from a clipboard?


      Obviously I am not expecting InDesign to format the text perfectly on each page, I just want to dump it all in one go and then go back and tidy it all up.


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.