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    Voice Match

    John Benourad

      Hi I am converting books to Audio using text to speech software “linguatec” I have text files converted to mp3 audio books but the voice quality sounds “unnatural and robotic” I was wondering if you have any plugin or any software for adobe audition which I could match the voice of any “BBC news reader and convert all the audio books to a particular voice which I like. Thanks your suggestion anxiously awaited



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Audition does not currently offer any tools for replacing voices in this manner.  The OS X command line enables you to perform a text-to-speech conversion from a text file source and output to an audio file in one of a number of voices. 


          say -f textfile.txt -o outputfile.aiff -v voicename


          The "voicename" can be determined easily by opening the System Preferences dialog and previewing the Speech settings.


          I am unfamiliar with other realistic text-to-speech applications on Windows or Mac, so perhaps other forum users can make suggestions.