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    Premiere Elements 10, unable to launch projects...


      Hi there, first post.

      I've managed to sort out one problem already this morning - I've now got virtualdub set up for processing files before I import them to PE.

      However I'm still stumped on why it (at the moment) still crashes (just 'stopped working' message) as I move from the 'Choose organizer/new project etc.' screen into the editor screen.

      I downloaded this as a trial last week because I couldn't afford to buy straight away for my art degree work and so far I'm glad I didn't.

      Unfortunately Adobe UK aren't allowed to offer any direct support until I buy it.

      I've looked at most of the suggestions relating to firewalls, antivirus, graphics cards and so on - but the program at least tells me that its installed fine, which I would've thought it wouldn't if these were the problem.

      I've seen many complaints about 32-bit vista and this, could it be some kind of basic system resources problem?

      I have - Vista 32, 4Gb RAM, ATI radeon Graphics display.  How much could HD space matter?

      The AVI/codecs explanation page was excellent, by the way.


      This is probably something really simple!

      Would be very grateful to anyone who could help as it would be v helpful to be able to get this running -