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    Issue exporting JPEGs

    Break_oar Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm having some major issues exporting JPEGs from inDesign. Where I've been successful before on another copy (a workmate's) my newly purchased copy of inDesign CS5.5 is being troublesome.


      What I want to do is select a series of images in a small area, some of which are on top of one another, and export them as they appear onscreen.


      Admittedly I could do a screengrab to do this but they won't necessarily be in the resolution I'd like and more annoyingly I would have to remove all the surrounding images and bits of text to create a clean image. This is far too time-consuming for a task I need to repeat.


      Every time I attempt to export (via File>Export then "Selection") the resulting file has the overlaid images (in this case small labels on a map) incorrectly placed, not even on top of the main image itself and in fact thrown off massively in seemingly random directions.


      Anybody any ideas as to how to resolve this?