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    moire problem?

    rmartin215 Level 1

      Prolgoue:  Old man who doesn't have a lot of time to study manuals, etc.


      Video Camera: Canon hmf 41, filming in auto mode, (MXP), 1920x1080(i ?).  Video copied from camera in MTS mode to hard drive, imported into CS5, Premiere and After Effects.


      Conditions. black background, room lighting from above (incandescent chandelier), extra  light thru windows; "test" subject has yellow shirt with criss-cross , blue, white and red stripes; "real" subject: purple patterned shirt, no glasses.  (see pics). 


      Looks good on both camera LCD and Samsung 21.5" HD TV set. 


      Then:  Bad Moire (?) problem with Premiere  and After Effects (Vista 64 or Win 7) on both computer monitor and same TV set, particularly for the test subject (me). The effects are not simply on the shirt, but also on the glasses frame. No moire with media player 12 on Win 7 computer .


      An Adobe problem?  All presets still produce moire.  Gaussian blur reduces some of it, but I don't like the results.


      Exporting the 1920 x 1080 mts file to mxf format,  progressive, eliminates moire, but reduces it to 1440 x 1080.


      Questions.  Since I plan to be conducting many interviews, I would like to eliminate the moiré to begin with, so don't have to export, etc. There will be enough editing as it is.  What are the consequences of the reduction from 1920 to 1440?  It seems that keeping 1920 would be better. 


      Thanks in advance. Wait until you get over 30 years old!