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    How to open CR2 from XSi with CS2?


      I want to know if I would be able to open up RAW files from my Canon Rebel XSi with CS2.


      First couldnt even preview the raw images on my computer so I downloaded a codec from Canon and now it shows the preview icons as the pics itself. Then I search and realized I would need ACR in my photoshop. Which apparently I already had. I downloaded 3.7 which is the version for CS2 and replaced it in the file folder it specified. I tried the DNG converter 4.1 at first. Now, this one let me select a folder to convert files from(my sd card in my computer) and it showed all the available files in the folder but when I went to convert them it wouldnt convert any of the files. Then I searched around some more. Downloaded the latest version of DNG and installed it. I tried setting the compatibility for my version. When I select a folder in this version of DNG it shows no available files to convert in my folder.


      I just shot my pictures in RAW + jpg(yes the file sizes are quite different, i read a thread talking about corrupt files, so idk) this morning. I dont usually deal in RAW but I had been wanting to try it out for a while now. What I am trying to do is take a picture of a painting I did in a quality(would need to color correct) good enough to print. I figured a RAW image would work best for this.


      Is there any way I could get this whole RAW image thing to work in CS2? I use windows vista home edition 64 bit, if that matters at all, which I dont think it should.