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    Samurai - BM HyperShuttle - PIX240 - GEMINI


      I need your help for my further decision.

      System: Win7-64, i7960,OC 4.0, PPR 5.5.2, SSD-OS, Raid-0 (7 TB) and Raid-O (2TB), External Storage  NAS 6 TB and Addonics 6TB, BM Multibride, preview monitoring SDI. Storage can be extended.


      For using Sony F3 s-log effectiv i need external recorder 10 bit 4-2-2 color samping for accurate color correction.

      Its not necessary to change different recording possibilities. The external does not need to have a own display. External audio record is not required. Under normal circumstances my record time is about 30-min up to 1 hour. 


      My thougts are:

      1. Gemini is expensive, but has all options, also 4-4-4

      2. Samurai  records ProRes 10bit 4.2.2, SSD or HDD, PPR-Win does not support ProRes

      3. BM HyperShuttle records uncompresssd 10 bit 4-2-2, SSD Drive

      4. PIX240, i am not shure


      As for BFTB BM HyperShuttle seems to be first choice (i would need 2-3 240 GB drives). Does anybody have experiance with BM Shuttle, S-log and PPR 5.5 workflow?. File sice is huge, but files (which were not used for 4-2-2 correction) can be compresssed overnight with AME to a smaler format for further future archive-storage.


      What are your thougths, which will be under obove circumstances the best choice. Is it for a good workflow necessary to think about GENINI (and a hole in the money-box).


      Thanks for your ideas!