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    InDesign CS5 / 5.5 EPUBs and EpubCheck

    Ignacio Lirio Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      It is known among EPUB book developers that from CS5 version, InDesign ophuscates embedded fonts in EPUB export, using its own Adobe algorythm for that.


      That makes EPUBs work fine in most eReaders, but makes standard EpubCheck tool fail to validate them, because it only admits IDPF encryption of fonts, as far as I know.


      Does anyone here if this issue is fixed, somehow? It is becoming a bottleneck and a headache for many ebook designers using InDesign!


      Thanks !!






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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've not tried to embed fonts because EPUB expert Liz Castro has suggested that it requires much special handling when postprocessing the file. You might poke around her website for discussions on the subject.


          Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis


          Also check out the MobileRead forums where a lot of long-time EPUB creators hang out.


          This forum has mostly beginner and intermediate types who are still working through all we have to learn to make good EPUB files.

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            Ignacio Lirio Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            Yes I know. Actually I know Liz Castro personally


            But thing is that prior versions of InDesign tried to choose whether embed fonts or not, or just embed "embeddable" fonts. At least you could choose what to embed or what not. Now, it is all or nothing, embed everything of nothing at all.


            Actually if you open EPUB and change slightly one single line of the font encryption, epubcheck works fine but then all of your styles are blown up !


            It is a pity because InDesign ophuscated EPUBs work fine in iBooks, eReaders, and so on... but most Publishers requiere epubcheck 100% pass or they systematically reject your work...




            Thanks again