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    Creating PDF for Review

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      I now have Acrobat Pro X (used to have Standard 7.01) and when I create a PDF for Review of a topic either on my hard drive or emailed to a collegue in another state, he believes the logo from the master page is supposed to show at the top--we do see placemaker, but I think that is just the way it's supposed to look.  The logo is in the master page's heading in a table.  And it is showing up elsewhere, just not in PDF for Review. 


      An Adobe tech didn't know for sure but re-created things on my PC but he couldn't get it to either.  One of his didn't even show the placeholder. (This is the same with or without PDF for Review's checkmark to include the maste page in the review.


      Does anyone else see a logo from heading of Master Page in a topic sent for PDF for Review?