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    EyeWonder Banner Ad Tag failing authentication

    ewrjones Community Member

      Trying to authenticate the following EyeWonder banner ad tag (located on our staging server) against IAB 2011 Medium Rectangle using AdTag and pasting the source code results in an error.


      Error Text:


      Target server error: The Job ID is invalid.


      Link to Ad:


      http://cdn.eyewonder.com/100125/770303/1488080/FoodNetwork_Brandscape_Companion_Unit_300x2 50_EW_STD_ChinetCore1_300x250_Standard_1488080.html


      Tag Used:


      <!-- Generated: 09/01/2011  02:13 PM EST. EW Web Code Version: 18.2.0 -->

      <script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">


      var clickTagFramePrepend1488080="[ewclickthru]";    /* Please place your redirects in front of the value [ewclickthru] just as if [ewclickthru] is a standard URL (e.g. "%c[ewclickthru]") */



      <script type="text/javascript" id="ew1488080_wrapper" src="http://cdn.eyewonder.com/100125/770303/1488080/wrapper.js"></script>