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    2.1 Stereo Sound


      I am doing the audio for a documentary and I exported the audio as a .wav stereo file, then exported, as a seperate .wav file, the bass ".1" file. Is there a special way that you have to put that .wav in the timeline to be true "2.1" Stereo? I am running Premiere Pro CS 5.5 for Mac. I used Audition CS 5.5 for the audio.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          AFAIK there does not exist a 2.1 format. There is 2.0 or 5.1 however.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            PP doesn't offer the option of 2.1 audio.  You'll have to use a standard 5.1 sequence, and just leave the center and surround channels empty.


            Note that such a config may not allow receivers to go into ProLogic or other matrix modes, which means the channels will be kept as Left and Right, even if the viewer has a 5.1 setup.  That is kind of weird.

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              There is not officially a 2.1 surround but there is a 2.1 surround..now thats confused you..heres why



              5.1 is a setup consisting of the following.


              1x left front spkr

              1x right front spkr

              1x center front spkr

              1x rear left spkr

              1x rear right spkr

              and finally 1x dedicated sub spkr.


              All the above are encoded in the mix.


              If you want 2.1 sound then there are no presets, all you can do is have a stereo channel and set your playback amplifier to use the sub woofer, and the crossover within the system will give you a left/ right and sub channel.so 2.1. But its really just stereo .