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    Elements 9 and Youtube?


      Hey guys, I started using elements 9 just today. I recorded a video with my webcam in my vaio pc, I used elements 9 to edit it. Until this point everything was ok, except for the fact that when I tried to put some words in it the computer went phut. But my biggest problem was the uploding to youtube. I tried for the first time to upload directly from elements, but it stop at the second step saying something about problems with connection. Then I tried to upload directly from youtube, but the site couldn't recognize the type of video and audio so it didn't upload it. Then I tried again with elements. Everything went ok, it took 20 minutes first, then around 50 minutes, then when it was says that he was connecting with youtube he started going very slowly and after like an hour it said that an error occurred so I should try again later.... Guys what should I do helllp! Oh and by the way my video was just like 8.30 minutes long...