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    Video Scenes cannot be seen in Folder Location View


      I recently purchased Adobe Premier Elements 10 and downloaded approximately 80 video clips from my HD camcorder into the Elements Organizer 10.  I wanted to customize the organization of the video files by creating new folders, which I was able to do successfully via the Folder Location view (in the Display options).  Additionally, unknown to me at the time the Auto Analyzer was run and it created "Video Scenes" (i.e., it splits the master file into multiple "scenes" based upon noted shooting information, etc.) from several of my video clips prior to moving the video files to the new file folders that I created.  I have confirmed via the Windows File Manager that all of the video files were moved as I intended.  However, in the Display - Folder Location View, none of the Video Scenes show up, and all of the Video clips (i.e., the ones that the Auto Analyzer didn't split up) are viewable.  (In the Thumbnail view, all files are still viewable.)  Is there a way to correct this? 


      Also, I've noted in the help manuals, etc. that the Auto Analyzer functions can be customized, but I did not see an option that would turn off the creation of Video Scenes.  Is there a way to do this without disabling the Auto Analyzer all together?


      Thanks for any help offered.