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    5.5 - Reverts my Sound Recording Settings


      Ever since I started using 5.5 on Windows 7, my microphone level (Sound Control Panel) resets to volume level 12 EVERY time I click the red record button from with Captivate.  As a workaround, I keep the Sound Control Panel in the backround and go to it after EVERY slide (I'm recording slide by slide) and then I select Recording > Microphone > Properties > Advanced and select a new channel (DVD or CD Quality) and then click Apply.  I have turned off the check boxes labeled "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device."  This is the ONLY workaround I have found that works.  I have fiddled with all Control Panel settings and Captivate Preferences to NO AVAIL.


      THERE MUST BE A SOLUTION!  This is driving me BONKERS.


      I know this is a compatibility issue between Captivate and Windows 7, because my other recording programs (such as Articulate) do NOT have this problem when recording AUDIO.