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    using cirrus to stream local ip camera (in a p2p way) to mobile without media server, how?


      Hi all, I found out that the only way to reach near zero delay is to give up the streaming servers, and use cirrus to attach other client's stream over RTMFP using his/her PeerID.

      everything is working perfect with a regular webcam..

      this allows me to stream my webcam to my Android Galaxy S with really low delay (near zero) with the right configurations.



      now I'm trying to achieve the same result with a local network IP camera (mine is Axis 213), this model supports only MJPEG and MPEG-4 but I will soon upgrade to h.264 enabled ip camera.





      1. I have a laptop with vista, this laptop is configured in my router as DMZ, which means requests from outside are forwarded to my laptop only (laptop ip is


      2. I have an IP camera with an internal ip of so the camera can't be accessed from outside(internet), but it can be accessed from my laptop.


      now I need to get the video feed from the IP camera, and forward it, to the phone using Cirrus (using the PeerID of my laptop flash desktop application I can use attachStream my android flash app).


      any help please!! tnxxxx