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    How to click on linkbutton using Selenium Flex or Flash


      Our development is developing a web application using Flex. As part of automation framework we chose Selenium Flex and Flash.

      There are no issues on clicking on button using ID from FlashSelenium (created functions right in our code) but for linkbutton click() doesn't work - it gives the following error:

      com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: ERROR: Threw an exception: this.browserbot.findElement("filetransfer").callBrowse is not a function


      Similar issue when we tried to use FlexUISelenium (build our code with Selenium Flex libraries):

      it doesn't give any errors but at the same time it doesn't do anything, but does work for a regular Flex buttons.


      Our developer thinks that it's due to the flash player's security setting. Is it correct assumption?

      Please advise how to automate our application with linkbutton in it?

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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          If there are two fields/components with the sme name then selenium somehow assumes that there are no elements, and give error(I;'m not sure if this is the same error), i'm assuming tht it is coz of this issue.

          Also your developers could be true on the security issue, if you are trying to upload a file frm the OS by caling browse() on the file reference, it needs to be done using the human 'click' or else it will not work.