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    Stop Animation

    frankecc Level 1

      I've imported 500 stills from my canon 5d into premiere pro cs5 but played side to side it's a 45 minute sequence. how can i shorten all the clips at once so it plays out to like 5 minutes? Or what other suggestions would you have?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          There are a couple of things you can do, but probably the easiest is to import the images as an image sequence. This creates a single clip, with each image as one frame in the clip.


          To do this, launch the Import dialog, select the first image in the sequence, and check the box that says "Numbered Stills." When you hit OK, Premiere Pro will import all images that follow in sequence in the folder as one clip.


          You can then set the frame rate of this clip by right-clicking on it, and going to Modify > Interpret Footage. In the Frame Rate section, you can specify the frame rate (frames per second) that you'd like the image to play back as.

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            frankecc Level 1

            Thank you, this seems like an awesome solution but does it matter that the'yre not numbered perfectly cause when i click numbered stills it only imports like 4 in the clip. the numbers of the stills skip from 0279 to 0281 etc etc.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Hmm, haven't tried that to confirm, but I suspect that Pr will only import until there is a break in the sequence.


              You could do a couple of things:


              1. Simply rename the files. Using an application like Adobe Bridge, you can use the Batch Rename operation to essentially "reset" the filenames so that you have sequential numbers. If you're using the files elsewhere, though, you might not want to do that (unless you make duplicates first) because you are changing the filenames, so Pr will get confused about which IMG_1039.JPG you're referring to.
              2. You could import all the images into Pr without the Numbered Stills option; this will create individual clips for each image. Select all of the images in the bin/Project Panel, and then go to Clip > Speed/Duration, and specify a duration of "1"--that is, one frame. Hit OK, and then with all the clips selected still, drag to a waiting sequence or to the New Item button at the bottom of the Project Panel to create a sequence that has the same size as your images. All the images will be dropped into the sequence with a duration of one frame, which is functionality similar to the Numbered Stills checkbox, though it's a little less elegant since you now have a buzillion tiny clips to deal with in your sequence.
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                frankecc Level 1

                hmm i just screwed up the order completely trying to batch rename the pics in bridge. now there's a whole bunch of duplicates, they're all out of order and i lost some pics completely.. -__-

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                  frankecc Level 1

                  I batch renamed the pics a bunch of times cause it kept not working. I probly look completely incompetent now..

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    After Effects can import a still-image sequence with gaps in its numbering. Just us the Force Alphabetical option. See this page for details.

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      Yeah, that's why hinted at backing up your files first...


                      OK, well, there's a chance that the Date Modified or Date Created metadata in the files didn't get changed. I'm assuming that these were chronologically-taken photographs (hence the file name series), so if that information is preserved, you can still save your bacon.


                      Ignore Bridge for now. Are you using Windows? If so, check out the folder of images in Explorer, and look at the Data Created and Date Modified columns; you may need to add Date Created to the column headings by right-clicking there and enabling it. Date Modfied is probably different, but Date Created should still be good. Date Taken might be another option. If you can sort by that data, let's go from there...