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    PE 10 - DVD Menu is very "aliased" or blurry?

    not2conceited Level 1

      So, the smaller you go with this, the better it looks. Here is the image, but I have uploaded a full-size image to flickr to show the true blurriness. This is a screenshot of the burned DVD, not the PE10 project: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6229/6324864256_d03f059813_b.jpg 


      Is this because I chose widescreen DVD output? or maybe because I used a large picture for the background? Should I try a different font? what gives?


      I noticed the aliasing when I was designing the menu - it was there when I previewed no matter what. I just figured it was downsampling to use less memory or something but that it would render in full-quality. It obviously didn't - anyone have any ideas? I am just getting to know the program and figured I would try slapping together a DVD for my brother-in-law's wedding from last year.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          DVD video is interlaced, as standard television is. It always has a bit of a comb effect when you play it on a computer (More or less, depending on how well your DVD player software compensates for it.) This is because television/DVD video is interlaced while computer video is not.


          If you play your DVD on your television/DVD player, it should look just fine.


          Well, to a point anyway. Standard definition video does not do fine print well.

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            not2conceited Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. The video looks maybe even a bit worse when viewed on a DVD/TV. It isn't really legible. It's even worse when I do the menu preview in Premiere Elements 10.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              One is always best working with Titles & Menus, that match the Project Preset, rather than forcing the program to do any Scaling.


              For some general tips on Titles and Menus, this ARTICLE offers some guidelines.


              Good luck,



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                Ted Smith Level 3

                You have aptly demonstrated why they invented high definition!


                You have to use text on DVDs that is at least twice the size that looks OK in HD.


                Look at the size of text used on a range of broadcast NTSC TV to see what is appropriate.Some of it is huge by comparison to your text.


                I always apply the sharpen effect between 10% & 20% to all clips before I burn the DVD.(but not to the blue ray version of course)


                This then looks too sharp and edgy in preview but it compensates  for the natural loss of resolution with DVD and looks much better on the final product.


                The sharpness is also very dependent to the quality of your DVD player and TV.

                I have a new Blue ray player that upscales DVDs to full HD and old DVD's look twice as sharp as they did on my old normal DVD player.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  You are correct. Way back when, DVD looked fabulous, compared to VHS, or Beta. That was then, and this is now. Then, TV's were all CRT, and with pretty low rez. Now, most are HD with resolutions that were not even thought of, when DVD was introduced. Nowadays, DVD looks pretty bleak, compared to BD, though I have to say that modern players w/ up-rezzing chips, do an astounding job of making DVD's look better than ever - but still far short of BD.


                  For Titles and Menu Text in DVD, there are some useful links in this ARTICLE. One of the best discussions on Text in the DV format, is no longer available - the server is gone. Wish that I had made a copy of that, as it went into so much useful detail.


                  Good luck,