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    Speeding up my CS5.5 windows system

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I was wondering how I best would bennifit from adding a SSD disc into my system. I have a WD raptor 10k rpm disc as boot disc and 3 WD blacks 7.2k 1TB discs, but I was thinking that maybe rendering would bennifit from an SSD disc?





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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          A better approach would be to add another WD Black and then configure those 4 disks in two raid0 arrays. SSD's are overrated in their performance. See Adobe Forums: The SSD myth unraveled


          The Sandforce controller seems to be an utter disaster when is comes to reliability and you may be lucky to achieve write speeds of 70 MB/s, far less than conventional disks, with uncompressable data like video material, if your SSD still lives. This despite their unreliable marketing claims of 500 MB/s plus.


          IMO SSD's are still a no-go, even when conventional hard disks have doubled in price in the last months.