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    Indesign Server Critical Bug

    albanx Level 1


      I have 10 indesign server istances running on my server. They stay up 24/24 hour. But often all they get blocked with this error:


      Cannot create new file. Please close one or more Adbobe Indesign Server documents or libraries or books......


      and this error block all istances (even it happens only on one of them) blocking all background work they have to do.


      This is a big critical bug for me, since it stops all background work for our clients.


      We are using Indesign Server CS5 7.0.3 x64 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Intel Xeon X5670, 24 GB RAM.


      I hope Indesign Server Developers get involved.


      Thank you.



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          Dirk Becker Level 4

          Probably you're running out of file handles. These are limited by several parameters - OS startup, settings in the runtime library and so forth.


          How about following the message?




          Could also be some forgotten myFile.close() on Javascript files, or ...


          To find out which, on the Mac you would use the "lsof" Unix command to list open files.

          On Windows there should be something equivalent, a quick Google search suggests Sysinternals / Process Explorer.