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    html loader flash content

    Ben Danis
      I am trying to load a url within my air application. I am using htmloader. Since my application is full screen, we are stretching the stage of it to fit the screen entirely.
      The problem is that the url i am trying to load has flash content. And since the parent of it is scaled, the content is not displayed.

      has anyone found a magical way around this?

      thanks for the help
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          Size the htmlloader to the available space instead of scaling it.
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            Ben Danis Level 1
            the htmlloader is within a flash interface that gets stretched with the application. In sum, we are using htmlloader to display AS2 content that won't work otherwise. The content is located in a box that is in a parent AS3 movie clip.
            Any idea if Adobe plans on fixing this oversight?
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              enorton@adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi Ben,

              Can you please provide a very simple sample demonstrating the problem? Also, please see the bug reporting information in my sig.

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                Ben Danis Level 1
                I will try to sum this up as easily as I can, our project is fairly large.

                We have an Air application (_air).

                _air loads a swf of size 1024*768 (_swf). Within _swf, there is a movieclip (_mcContainer) that is masked by an irregular shape, and there is a background.

                In the flex environment, we tried to do this
                where _html is an htmlLoader, whose location is http://www.adobe.com.

                If we run _air, Adobe's home page is displayed within the mask and the flash animation is playing correctly.

                BUT, _air has to run full screen, therefore _swf is stretched to 1280*1024 (our screen resolution), resulting in the flash content of _html to not be displayed. This is due to the restriction that _html's scale is no longer 1.0.

                We have not found a workaround to this.

                Our current solution is to break _air into levels, the top level has the swf with a hole through it (the shape that used to be the mask for the content), the level before that has an htmlloader that is positioned and sized based on the scaling ratio of the swf content.

                This solution works fine at the moment, although there is a problem if the user presses ESC and starts to resize the window of _air. _html maintains its position.

                Another problem we have encountered was with HTML page generated by Flash CS3. They, by default, attach the flash content using a javascript. This results in massive amounts of flickering in the htmlloader object, and if ESC is pressed, _html moves to the top level. To resolve this issue, we had to use an html page that was created using Flash 8 and set the flash content's scale to 100%.

                I hope this will be helpful for some in the future
                - Ben