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    Kinsoku in InDesign

    werzaque Level 1

      I have a English install of InDesign CS5.5, and I can't seem to set Kinsoku properties anywhere. I'm confused because it is right where I expect it to be in my (also English) install of Illustrator CS 5.5. Why does one support Kinsoku when the other doesn't? I find it strange, since the Japanese version of InDesign DOES support kinsoku. If anyone can clarify if this is by design or if I am doing something wrong... please tell me.


      Thanks in advance.  

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          It is by design. The English versions of InDesign have no UI for manipulating Kinsoku.

          You can access them through the scripting interface.

          I am not sure, but In-Tools World Tools plugin (very cheap!) may also support Kinsoku.

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            werzaque Level 1

            Thanks for the clarification. I still don't see the point in allowing it for Illustrator and not for InDesign... I mean, what harm could it possibly do to English users? Hmmm... where do I go for a feature request? The free version of World Tools doesn't seem to support Kinsoku.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              There are asian language templates for ID that added a lot of functionality at http://www.transpacificdigital.com/downloads/index.html that were created for CS, and may now be quite obsolete -- I'll confess that I really know nothing about this topic. I believe the World Tools plugin (paid version) does do what you need (Harbs is one of our regulars here and would be very quick to tell you if it does if you send him an email through the In-Tools site) and would be less expensive than buying the Japanese version of ID.

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                David W. Goodrich Level 3

                I mean, what harm could it possibly do to English users?

                Ask the folks who had to disable SING glyphlets to get western-language versions of ID to load.  SING is a different kettle of fish, of course, a means to "add" custom characters onto existing fonts and primarily intended for CJK versions of ID, but it caused serious problems for folks who otherwise wouldn't have known it was there.


                Also, bear in mind that you cannot install Japanese ID CS4, say, in the same (operating) system as English IDCS4 -- and sometimes a new computer is easier to set up and manage than a dual-boot system.  Plus, for those of us with limited CJK reading ability, the InTools solution isn't limited to CJK menus.



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                  werzaque Level 1

                  Dear Peter,


                  Thanks a lot, the textboxes from the templates have very decent kinsoku. I think I'll work with those until I can convince my peers to get me a Japanese version of ID (you can set the menus to English anyway). It beats having to type spaces... and sadly, setting kinsoku in AI and than importing the textboxes into ID didn't work, so...


                  Anyway, thanks a lot!

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                    werzaque Level 1

                    Dear David,


                    I can imagine that would have given many users headaches... but I have a English Illustrator that DOES allow kinsoku through a UI. Plus, the fact that it's still possible in English ID using scripts means that the functionality is there... it's just hidden unless you buy the Japanese version. This leads me to think that the decision to exclude kinsoku UI from the English version was more business-driven than anything (mind you, I'm not saying that Adobe doesn't have the right to... but they should make a better effort of explaining differences between LANGUAGE versions... you'd expect them to be the same, more or less).



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                      David W. Goodrich Level 3

                      The World Tools Pro web page offers a View Screenshots button leading to a sample showing the World Tools CJK Composer (Image 2 of 8), showing Kinsoku set to None.  How well this works I can't say, but if I needed kinsoku I'd try this before investing in the Japanese version of ID and going through the hassle of setting up a new boot partition or computer.  Maybe Harbs will happen along with more details.