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    Snippets - Love 'Em Like My Husband...

    lmarden Level 2
      I LOVE snippets. But, like my husband, they aren't quite perfect and need some changes / enhancements. Unless of course, there is a way to do what I need to do already. I remember vaguely a few months ago there was a link to an article about snippets from an expert. Couldn't find it in the search though - can someone reply with the URL?

      My complaint (and it is a minor one) is that I can't do much to format a snippet. I use a background color for my notes, and many notes are snippets. But even if I format a note completely and then create a snippet from it, the background color (and indent for that matter) are dropped. There has to be a way to make snippets bend to my will.

      I have given up on changing my husband, so please, give me something!!!!