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    Question regarding bleeding and facing pages.




      i'm in trouble with my first InDesign document which is a 96 pages Magazine. It will be printed on A3 sheets stapled in the middle. My printing guy said that it's ok as A4 pages with 3mm bleed.


      So now when i'm trying to export as a printed pdf (i check mark that i want to use the documents bleeding settings) it exports with sections from left and right depending on the pages (the left page exports with ?? i guess 3 mm ?? bleed from the right page and so on). If i override the bleeding settings and i set it to 0mm it all ok but i fear that some pictures or text might get cut off since i have all planned with the bleed markers in indesign.


      And i can't uncheck the facing pages since i have some graphics (charts and so on) that spread from one page to another (on same spread).


      My question is ... is there anything i can do and still use bleeds or (ignore "inside bleeds" or something) or is it ok to use the export as spreadsheet instead of individual pages since he wanted A4 pages?


      Any help for a newbie would be appreciated. Thank you.